We offer a variety of ID cards for your working animal. 

Working Dogs
Therapy Dogs
Service DogService Dog in Training
Guide Dog
Medical Alert Dog
Mobility Dog
Hearing Assistance Dog
Seizure Dog
Service Animal (Custom, ie: Guide Horses)

Required by many facilities, these durable plastic identification cards will help ensure access for your service animal while making others aware this animal is On the Job !
Our cards are made on a 30 mil thick PVC card, about the same size as a credit card.  Easily carried in purse, wallet, or placed into your working animal's vets, these cards can prove invaluable as you deal with the general public.
Service Animal Cards

The above is an example of the front and back of a Service Dog card.  Other cards are simliar except that the back will not have ADA information.

Cards are just $9.95 each or lower when ordering more than one of the same card.  Price includes shipping and handling.  We normally can have your card ready to ship in 24 hours, so please click on link  Service Dog ID Tag  to order.

Pet Cards

Your pet is a family member.  They go on trips with you, play, and sometimes even eat food off the table.  By keeping a Pet ID Card in your wallet or purse you'll be able to quickly reference information about your pet should the need arise .  For example,

If you travel with your pet, you'll have a reference to its medical history. 

Click here to see more information on our Pet ID Card.

And when you can't take your pet with you, consider our Pet Luggage Tags.

Service Animal and Pet ID Cards
Custom ID cards for service animals and your pet